North Korean Defector Announces Horrors of  Kim Jong-un’s Regime

A North Korean refugee said that children and infants are “dying without hope” in the country.

Grace Jo, 26, is now studying at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland, but the woman said in an interview this week with Fox News that the world must try to end Kim Jong-un’s regime.

Grace Jo and her family escaped three times to China, but each time the family was captured and taken back to North Korea.

Grace Jo’s brothers died of starvation and police tortured her father for smuggling in a bag of rice from China.

Jo said her family once went 10 days without food before they found six baby mice in a field, which were used to make soup.

“We almost gave up our life, but it is kind of a miracle, a miracle happened to my family to survive,” she said.

Grace Jo is a recipient of the North Korean Freedom Scholarship program. The fun helps North Korean refugees “pursue higher education and build productive, prosperous lives as new Americans.”

Grace Jo said the regime in North Korea needs to be taken down, but she said she doesn’t support targeted bombing because it could kill innocent people.

Other North Korean refugees, such as Korean-American missionary Robert Park, have also said that an attack could kill many Christians.

“Please kindly be reminded that a large number of underground Christians are within North Korea. They are the most persecuted religious group in the world, according to international religious freedom watchdogs groups. As I pray your team accepts upon deep reflection, it would be decidedly un-Christian to countenance indiscriminate killings of those who are among the people in the world who suffer the most,” Park wrote in an open letter to President Donald Trump earlier this month.


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